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Los Flores

The city for you


The city's maxim should be: “A LOS FLORES BACK THE DESIRE TO LIVE”, this will be possible only if the people will actively participate in all decisions and feel responsible for their city as if they were one big family.

Because in modern society we are all reduced to numbers, we decided to allocate Los Flores to the adults who want to feel important again and participate actively in the social life of the community, where everyone is willing to help each other.

In this city, all the people will not feel more useless and neglected, but find themselves the joy of living, with a youthful spirit and the freedom to do whatever you want, always with respect for others.

Within the city of LOS FLORES, in fact, there are many activities to enjoy both recreational (with animation peer adults and children, boat trips, cycling etc ..) that work through for example the 'farm, various workshops and craft.