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Los Flores

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The city

From our surveys we found that the ten most important features for choosing the place to live are:

- Low crime rate
- Good hospitals
- Low cost of living
- Mild climate
- Low taxes
- Property prices low
- Friendly neighbors
- Links to major cities
- No income tax
- Social environment and cultural assets

After several years of study in the various countries of the world on quality of life we ​​have come to the conclusion that in order to satisfy the desires of the majority of people it would be ideal to build a safe city, near the sea and with a pleasant climate all year round.

In this regard, the place where it would be better to build our city, is located in the Dominican Republic, namely near SAN FERNANDO Montecristi, in the province of Montecristi, in an air of about 30,000 Tareas corresponding to about 18.84 million m2.
The city will be built in close proximity to the tourist Osvaldo Virgil in San Fernando Montecristi, for which there are already programs at an advanced stage with the government to make that structure's 10th international airport in the Dominican Republic.

The city will be built in the immediate vicinity of the zone "EPZs Montecristi ", permitting of industrial companies, commercial and artisanal produce, and / or market their products which will go to the Center, South, and North America. In addition, the port Pepillo Salcedo (Manzanillo), where he currently Containers come from North America is located about thirty kilometers away.