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Los Flores

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Dr. Karin Lucia Samounigg 

Graduated in economics, specialized in business management, she is active

for some years as advisory for several Italian companies regarding

the export of Italian products toward the Centre, North and South America 


Vice Presidents: 

Surveyor Geom. Pierluigi Titta 

Active from thirty years, he has many years of experience as a surveyor. 

In 1984 he founded a specialized firm in the planning, design and construction of villages,

apartment buildings, religious structures and rebuilding property. 


Mr. Volkmar R. Samounigg 

Chairman of various companies is responsible for more than thirty years

of exchanges among different countries in the world, mainly Europe, North,

South and Central America and the Republic of China. 



Lwyr. Luca Bellucci 

Graduated to the university in Turin in 2007, he has begun to work as lawyer since 2008.

In 2013 he has achieved the title of abogado in Madrid.   During the years he has acquired

international law competences, with direct experiences in China, Uk, Colombia, Spain through

the consultation of firms on the territory and multinationals companies.


Eng. Haendel Garcia 

He will be the head of public relation as enjoying many years of collaboration

and consulting with the government of the Dominican Republic,

and with various municipalities in the same. 


Mr. Thomas Mueller 

President of Delta Systec Germany, which is present

in over 30 countries worldwide with its products. 


Eng. Franklyn Bautista 

Currently Secretary of the environment for the North West of the Dominican Republic 


Sig. Alix Eduardo Calderon Urrego 

Director of Rakma Colombia Sas, and Head of A Private Club for Anapoima,

boasting inside over 3,000 members, the majority of which belonging to government

and private organizations at the highest levels. 


Mrs. Jocelyn Elena Romero Almengor 

Administrator of Rogely SA Panama, and also in charge of purchases of seas fruits

for various companies Panamanians distribution of Marisco readied

for sale in the markets Panamanians.